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Three Birds Renovations

Three Birds Renovations



When friends of 15 years join together to create a business that allows them to spend more time with their families and to do something they love, magic can be the only outcome. In 2014 in pursuit of a more fulfilling life, 3 ladies (3 birds) walked away from their corporate careers and poured their heart and soul into what is now Three Birds Renovations. Meet the founders Bonnie (left), Lana (middle) and Erin (right).



I have been following The Birds Renovations for quite a while and crushing hard on the incredible homes and spaces they transform.  Renovating homes and styling rooms with your bestie is the life many of us dream of right ! Nevermind all the hard dirty work, the stress of meeting deadlines and working with tradies, lets skip those parts and go straight to creating dream homes and styling up a storm all the while having your bff’s by your side.

When the ladies released their recent “River Shack” video footage to TBTV (Three Birds TV), I eagerly clicked over to their website to check out their most recent work. The River Shack, is the smallest renovation they have undertaken, it is a visual feast, full of fantastic storage ideas and fun, no fuss beautiful styling, perfect for both holiday homes and everyday homes.



I was beyond excited (think three year old on Christmas morning and you’ll get the idea) to see our humble Hooked Up Shelf used as a feature piece in the styling of this reno, insert squeal, dab and fist pump here.

Listed as one of their top 10 styling tips for The River Shack, the ladies are “hooked on hooks” and claim,

“Not enough people use hooks in their homes! And I’m not talking about the ugly white plastic picture hooks you buy from Bunnings. You can find gorgeous timber and brass hooks in boutique homewares stores that add a relaxed vibe and are also so practical for hanging things from. 
Get some hot hooks up on your walls this weekend!”



Our Hooked Up shelf with hooks is an original piece from our first collection and continues to be a best seller for over 3 years. This versatile little gem is great for entrances, bathrooms, bedrooms, the laundry and poolside.  I love the different way which the girls have hung it, again showing the versatility of this piece.

If you would like to be notified of pre-ordering details for this item please

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All images and video footage are taken by Three Birds Renovation. To view the full renovation including styling and renovating tips and a full supplier list head over to THREE BIRD RENOVATIONS

If you are on our wait list to pre-order other pieces from our range, please stay subscribed, we will be sending out details for these very soon.

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