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DIY Lighting Hack

DIY Lighting Hack


Using multiple sources of light (known in the interior design world as “layered lighting”) creates maximum effect in a room and can bring a space to life. It allows for a smooth transition from a high functioning bright room to a sophisticated, ambient, cosy environment. Lighting layers can be created by using ceiling, floor and wall lighting – think pendants, sconces & lamps these will add drama, interest, intimacy and personality to a room.

I came across this lighting hack on Instagram, a quick, easy, inexpensive (all things we love) DIY way to add a mood lighting to your home without any electrical hard wiring or ugly cords – hallelujah !

What I love most about this faux lighting hack is that it means your mood lighting is portable, less a couple of stick on hooks you can easily move your pendants, sconces, lamps around the house as and when you feel like doing a re-shuffle.

This is also a great option when wanting to add sconces to concrete or stone walls and if you are renting.

Before we get into the how to’s, keep in the mind the following:-

1.  This hack doesn’t give off a load of light. If you’re needing to add bright light to a space this is not for you. Don’t plan on it being your main light source, it will add soft moody glow - consider them as accent lighting.

2.  It won’t work with every light shade. For the best results you will need to be able to strategically & discreetly secure the little light within the shade.

3.  You will need to change the batteries. The lights are battery operated, if you are you using them often and for long periods be prepared to change the batteries around every 100 hours. We recommend re-chargeable batteries to keep the cost down and to reduce waste.

4.  Buy lights WITH a remote. This will make it soooo much easier to turn your lights on and off. Some brands allow you sync multiple lights and some also offer dimmer and timer settings. See below for suggestions.

How To and Couple of Tips...

Choose a puck light size that will fit inside your shade.

It is easier to attach the puck light before your hang your pendant / sconce.

Install the batteries & ensure your lights & remote control are working.

Decide if you want the light to glow upwards or downwards, this will determine the way which you face the puck light.

To attach the puck light inside use mounting tape or double sided tape (most puck lights come with this) and stick this to the internal frame of the shade – check the adhesive time needed before hanging your shade.

If you find that tape is not secure enough for you, other options include sticky-backed velcro, hot glue or depending on your particular light, bendable wire. Some puck lights will have small holes in the back casing, remove the battery cover / back casing and thread the wire through these holes and then wrap the over hanging wire around the internal frame of your shade to secure it in place.

Hang your shade and voila !

Here are some puck lights that we have seen others using (be sure to check the light's measurements to suit your shade + the brightness + the warmth or coolness of the light):-

                  Bunnings Warehouse                                       Amazon

Amazon                                              Amazon