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Raffia Care

Raffia is a natural fibre made from raffia palms, overtime strands may come loose causing fibres to poke out and look a little ‘hairy’. Do not pull on these, simply use a pair of scissors to carefully snip off the individual fly away strands. Longer fibres can be ‘tied off’ onto the secured strands to prevent holes from developing.

Natural fibres respond well to natural cleansers.  We recommend that you do not use harsh chemical cleaners on stains as this may cause discolouration. 

Spot clean the raffia using a soft cloth, a small amount of cold water and mild natural detergent then allow it to naturally dry. Do not submerge raffia in water as it will lose its shape. Place the item in the sun and fresh air so that it can dry thoroughly and completely before returning the item to its place. Raffia which is left damp or exposed to high levels of humidity will mould over time.

Consult a dry-cleaning professional for stain removal.