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Cedar & Saffron
A relaxing fragrance that can enhance concentration and
reduce anxiety. Its spiced and woody tones means it is perfect for burning whilst meditating or before bed to calm and clear the mind.
Top Notes - Bergamot, Aniseed, & Eucalyptus
Middle Notes - Clove Buds, Cinnamon Bark & Peppercorn
Base Notes - Vanilla, Musk, Amber & Patchouli
Coconut, Lime & Elderflower
A refreshing fragrance that can alleviate anxiety or irritability, considered by some to be a potent aphrodisiac. Its tropical scent evokes nostalgia of summer days and improves mood and mind set.
Top Notes - Lime Zest, Lemon Verbena
Middle Notes - Coconut, Elderflower
Base Notes - Vanilla, Buttermilk
 Lemon Myrtle & Eucalyptus
A fresh and uplifting fragrance that is soothing to the body and mind, known to promote relaxation and reduce stress.
Top Notes - Eucalyptus, Lemon
Middle Notes - Lemon Verbena, Sage
Base Notes - Sandalwood & Patchouli
Gorgeous Ginger & Green Tea
A clean and invigorating fragrance that steadies the mind and body. Our personal favourite for burning in the morning as it is calming and refreshing.
Top Notes - Grapefruit, Mandarin
Middle Notes - Ginger, Green Tea
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Amber
Honeysuckle & Wandering Jasmine
A rich and sweet floral fragrance that can help clear the mind, often used for relaxing the body and levelling ones emotions.
Top Notes - Lime, Bergamot
Middle Notes - Japanese Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Base Notes - Hyacinth, Rose
Kakadu Plum & Bush Cucumber
This refreshing and fruity fragrance is sweet and calming. Known for helping to reduce stress and anxiety, this fragrance is perfect for creating a soothing and relaxing environment.
Top Notes - Fir Needle, Orange
Middle Notes - Kakadu Plum, Cucumber
Base Notes - Vanilla, Amber
 Mediterranean Olive Leaf & Thyme
This rich warm fragrance takes us on a journey of travel. Perfect for detoxifying the air it is known to ease tension and clear the mind.
Top Notes - Bergamot, Lime
Middle Notes - Olive Leaf, Lemon Thyme
Base Notes - Sandalwood, Rose
Native Mint & Bergamot
The natural and earthy tones have calming properties and the ability to refresh your mood and mindset. Known to reduce anxiety and stress it can boost your energy levels giving you new perspective.
Top Notes - Bergamot, Native Mint, Lime
Middle Notes - Freesia, Juniper Berries
Base Notes - Oakmoss, White Musk
Peach Blossom & Citrus
This stimulating fragrance is the perfect balance of fruity and floral. It inspires a sense of spring that helps bring calm, balance and tranquillity.
Top Notes - Orange Peel, Bergamot
Middle Notes - Oriental Jasmine, Peach Blossom
Base Notes - Musk, Ylang Ylang
Refreshing Cucumber, Ginger & Mint
The natural fresh aroma of this fragrance is both inspiring and revitalising. This invigorating scent awakens the senses and is perfect for clearing the mind and reducing stress.
Top Notes - Cucumber, Mint Leaf
Middle Notes - Ginger Root, Jasmine
Base Notes - Cyclamen, Sea Salt
Sandalwood & Leather
This rich earthy fragrance is balanced and considered. Its woody tones are both comforting and relaxing. It can erupt feelings of nostalgia which bring a calming and soothing feeling.
Top Notes - Bergamot, Fir Needle
Middle Notes - Leather, Geranium & Sandalwood
Base Notes - Cedarwood, Patchouli
Sea Salt & Lime
A refreshing and evoking fragrance that reminds us of balmy summer nights. This crisp fragrance is the perfect balance of uplifting and relaxing.
Top Notes - Orange Zest, Kaffir Lime
Middle Notes - Seasalt, Saffron
Base Notes – Amber, Cedarwood
Sweet Mandarin & Mimosa
This sparkling fragrance awakens with its blended composition of fruity and floral. It inspires a sense of sun filled days that elevates the mood and opens the mind.
Top Notes - Mandarin, Tangerine
Middle Notes - Mimosa, Jasmine, Lavender
Base Notes - Lily of the Valley, Vanilla