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Plant Lovers Series # 1:  Slightly Odd But Excellent Gardening Tools

Plant Lovers Series # 1: Slightly Odd But Excellent Gardening Tools


Kokedama by Jac

Welcome to the first of our Plant Lovers Blog Series, where I ask some of my most favourite plant lovers from the Gram for their tips on growing plants, caring for plants (aka keeping them alive) and styling plants in our homes. These are not your standard “water once a week, needs natural light” tips so if you have soft spot for green babies, clock off for 2 minutes and jump on board.
First up we meet Jacqui, from 
Jac is a Kokedama extraordinaire however she admits that she didn’t always have a green thumb sharing that “Google and nurseries have been my main source of learning and trial and error is my process.” 
Jac has been making and selling her beautiful Kokedamas for over 4 years now, “it's my therapy and it's where I connect to nature and disconnect from the hectic pace of daily life."

 You don’t need expensive tools to care for plants, I like to get creative & use whatever I have around the house or things that you wouldn’t normally associate with gardening or plants, which can be purchased very cheaply.

Here are my top 3 slightly odd but by all means excellent gardening tools which I keep on hand and use almost everyday...


#1 Tweezers

One of my favourite plants is succulents. Their leaves can be delicate and compact and accessing the lower dry (or dead) leaves with your fingers can be challenging. Removing these leaves promotes new growth (plus they just look better) and I find that tweezers are perfect for removing for this job. Gently reach the tweezers around the base each leaf, as close to the main stem and gently twist and remove.


#2 Make Up Brush

Indoor plant leaves get dusty (fact) and this can impact the health of your plant since their leaves are essentially their lungs and no-ones likes dust in their lungs. A make up brush is the ideal tool for combating this as the soft bristles won't harm delicate leaves. Plus, it can get messy when re-potting plants right? Soil, moss, dirt can end up everywhere, including on the leaves of the plant. A gentle brush along the leaf works perfectly to remove excess specks of dust, soil and even little critters that shouldn't be there.


#3 Cotton Make Up Remover Pads 

I use these pads to wipe and clean the leaves of my indoor plants. Dip the pad in water (or spray gently using a water mister) and give each leaf a gentle wipe from base to tip. Hold the leaf with one hand whilst gently wiping it with the other. Occasionally I will lightly spray a pad with White Oil (available from supermarkets and Bunnings) and wipe this over the leaves, the white oil gives the leaves an amazing sheen and help keep plant pests at bay. You could try using diluted milk instead of white oil.


I hope you will find these tools and tips useful. It goes to show that you don't need expensive tools to care for your indoor plants.

Happy gardening plant lovers!


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