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Marissa Bowden’s Beach Shack

Marissa Bowden’s Beach Shack


Welcome to Part 1 of our Au Fait Real Living blog series where I will be our stepping into the real homes of everyday people (biz owners, artists, little human creators, dreamers, home makers, soul searchers, faffers, cushion addicts, tea and coffee sippers, neighbours, instagramers and more), I will sprinkle their space with a little Au Fait rattan loving magic dust to show you how our rattan pieces can be used in real homes, real businesses, real living.

Who Lives Here?
Marissa, her hubby Rick, gorgeous girls Stevie (6), Pepper (4) and their dog Tiger Rainbow


AF: Tell us about your home. How did you come to find it or what’s the story behind it?

MB: We lived in Miami for eight years where we slowly saved and renovated a very daggy 20 year old home. Once we were eventually finished, we decided to put it on the market, set our price and see how it went. If it didn’t sell, we didn’t care, we were quite happy to stay. It sold within two days! So we rented a little beach flat for about six months while we waited for the next opportunity. We hoped to be able to get beachside of the highway if the right place popped up and was within our budget. We struck gold with our little shack!








AF: Tell us about the décor and how would you describe your decorating style ?

MB: I love a home to feel lived in and to be a reflection of our personalities and lifestyle. Our home is very relaxed, we’re not renovating this one so it’s just the original condition with a coat of fresh white paint, floor boards and our touches of plants and earthy tones throughout. I’ve collected lots of bits from TVM over the years, furniture, art, ceramics by Harvest Clay. We have artwork by my gorgeous friend Tess Guinery and some photos from our recent Californian road trip. My girls also love to create, so we have their art strung all over the house and their big a-frame art desk made by Rick and designed by me, is a definitely fave.



AF: What’s your favourite room, corner, or detail in the house ?

MB: I do love the girls art desk, it was made with love and has inspired many beautiful creations! I want them to be free to create whenever they like. I also love our dining table which was built for us by my brother in law Simon (The Building Collective), my favourite thing is having our favourite people all gathered around that table! It’s right in the middle of the kitchen and is the heart of our home.



AF: What is the last thing you bought for your home that you’re in love with?

MB: Plants! I love them.


AF: We are huge dog lovers at Au Fait and just adore Tiger your French Bulldog, how has Tiger impacted your family ?

MB: We love Tiger too, thanks! My youngest was petrified of dogs, so we decided to get one so that she would learn to feel more comfortable. They’re now best friends. Tiges is such a great breed to have with little kids too – fun and hilarious and super gentle. The girls are also learning to care for something other than themselves, they feed her every day.


AF: If you had to leave your house, never to return and you had 1 minute to grab ‘things’ what it / they be ?

MB: I really try not to place too much emphasis on ‘things’, especially for the girls, so although we treasure everything that is in our home (and that’s legit, I am a mad culler – if we’re not using it or loving it, it goes…Toys, clothes, books, ‘things’). So probably just each other, and old photos we have of our families.


AF: What wellness ritual / routine or activity is making you feel your best these days?

MB: Yoga is my favourite. It’s been a big part of my life for many years now although my favourite teacher has recently moved to Byron Bay, so I’m a little out of my groove. I’m feeling excited about getting this routine back on track.



AF: What are you listening to / reading / watching right now ?

MB: I love Real Living, it’s the only magazine I religiously buy. I am reading books by Liane Moriarty and have just started listening to Podcasts. Im currently enjoying The Tim Ferris Show, Your Creative Start and there is a brand new podcast series coming out in March that I’m keen to listen to (especially with my girls), called Fierce Girls.

I am also watching a bit of Netflix, I’ve just finished Sixteen Reasons Why and The Sinner. Heavy!

AF: We have special memories of the home/s we grew up in, what do you hope your girls will remember about living here ?

MB: I want them to remember all of those nights we’ve sat around the table enjoying our food together, chatting about our days and what we’re grateful for. I want them to remember all of the times they’ve sat at their little art desk that their dad made for them, creating masterpieces. I want them to remember how they felt loved and safe in their little home by the sea and scooting in the lane and catching waves with their little friends. I want them to feel grateful that they were lucky enough to have the lifestyle they do and to be surrounded by so much love.

AF: What Au Fait piece would you love to add to your home ?

MB: I do love the new bench that has kindly been left at my home! It houses my plants and books perfectly and looks right at home under my lovely art piece by Tess Guinery! Thanks Jackie xxx