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Villa Styling Office Reveal

Villa Styling Office Reveal


Today I chatted with the hugely talented Louise Roache from Villa Styling about her recentlyupdated office space; her “top of the list” wants for her office, her process for styling a room and all the details on those gorgeous cabinets which have all the Instagram & Pinterest DIY’ers pinning and planning..

villa styling office reveal

AF: What was on top of your “must have” list for your office space? 

LR: Top of my must have list for the office space was a gorgeous desk one that looks good but also felt comfortable this one ticked all those boxes for me

AF: I’m eyeing off your office chair; it’s gorgeous!!  Are you happy with your choice?

LR: Yes, I wanted comfort for my back so I searched long and hard for a chair that was actually comfy to sit in for a long period, I found this one at Freedom and it was white which I loved and had wheels to which was fab (Freedom are currently sold out).

villa styling office reveal 2

AF: Other than a comfy chair, any tips on staying productive during long stints in front of the computer?

LR: Long stints of editing can take its toll on my neck and back because of the repetition so I always like to do about 3-4 hours then take a break and head out to the studio to tidy up, clean up and prep for the next days shoot!

AF: Tell us about those incredible cabinets

LR: I purchased 2 Ivar cabinets in neutral from Ikea and then painted them with Taubmans colour, Sorell Hide.  I then attached some handles to match another cabinet that I have upstairs.

villa styling office room reveal 

AF: Do you use ole fashioned diary for appointment keeping or an online planner?

LR: I use an old fashioned dairy but a funky one, it’s called The Big Monthly Planner and I use pencil to write in my shoots week to week as they always change at a moments notice because of weather changes in or product arrivals.

AF: What is your personal process when styling a room?

LR: My personal process for styling is very much on a whim I buy what I love but I’ve always had in my mind a particular overall look for my home I haven’t got it all planned out at all I simply go room by room and run with what I love, what functions well and what I think gives me the feeling for each room I’m aiming for, I also have to work with the house and it’s bones and structurally what will be sound and open the house up further because I love natural light.

Get The Look

get the look

Rug - Pillow Talk 

Paint Colour - Sorell Hide 

Planter - The Bees Knees

Desk – White Grove House 

Print – Home Dweller 

Florals - Beach to Bloom

Fans - Au Fait 

Chair - Amart 

Cabinet – Ikea

To view more of Louise’s incredible design and photography work CLICK HERE.