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Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Taking Beautiful Interior Photos on Your Phone 

It has become a personal Sunday evening ritual for me, cuppa within reach, some choccy and my phone. Scrolling the plethora of rabbit holes that is Instagram and Pinterest searching for images that capture the soul of a space. We love helping you create these soul filled spaces in your own home, a home which feels safe and cozy. A space for you and your loved ones to relax, love, grow, learn, laugh (and to hang out in your undies). A kind of backdrop for you and your families memories of home.

We know it’s a good feeling to capture a space in your home that is reflection of you, your family and your life. Maybe you’ve just tidied up and plumped the cushions or maybe the kids have set up a fort in the middle of your lounge room, capturing these moments and spaces in your home to share with your community is such a lovely way to connect.

When we see photos that you have captured show casing our pieces in your home our hearts literally explode. This is the moment where all of our hard work comes full circle.

That “thing”, that “soul”, that “essence” that makes us stop scrolling, stare, swoon and most likely save is different for each of us but there are similar elements which will always draw us in. Capturing that in our own home does take some skill but the good news is, this skill can be very easily obtained with a little practice and some insider tips.

Here are our top tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way for taking beautiful interior photos on your phone.


Lighting is EVERYTHING and when we say lighting what we actually mean is NATURAL lighting. We love shooting during daylight hours as it gives you a beautiful natural tone with a truer sense of colour and a more tangible feel.

Turn off all the overhead lights as they can add a yellow tone to your image.

If you find that your image is getting too much direct sunlight try closing your window coverings or even get creative and put up a make shift sheer to help create a shadowy glow of natural light.

Don't be scared to be playful with shadows, they add another element of dimension, mood and texture.


It may sound simple but it can be easy to forget. Our lens can become dirty from oils and grease on our hands and face, or if you are blessed with little ones, sticky from little fingers.

Shooting an image with a dirty lens can cause your photo to appear grainy and a little blurred because what is on the lens will come through on the image.

Cleaning your lens will help you to shoot crisp, clean and detailed images.


 A little trick we always use when shooting on our phone is to turn on our grid lines. This is usually found in Settings > Camera > Grid > On.

Turning this function on and viewing your object/s through your phone screen you will find it easier to line up your images nice and straight. Keep your vertical lines parallel by using either the walls, doorways or picture frames as a guideline.

And lowering your phone to the height of your furniture or item means you are more likely to capture the space in its proper perspective and it can make the space look larger and more open.


 Avoid using the zoom function on your camera as you will loose the detail and clarity in your images. Instead zoom with your feet and move yourself closer to the object/s instead.

You may need to get creative with where you position yourself in the space.

There has been plenty of times that I have been crouched down in a corner behind a couch to get the perfect shot.

An advantage of zooming with your feet is that it can change perspective and gain new details that you may not have noticed at a distance.


 We must admit, we were in the dark about this for a long time - see what I did there. If you didn't already know this you are about to thank me big time. You can adjust the exposure on your phone camera!

By tapping the screen you can lock in your focus and then by moving your finger up and down the screen vertically you can adjust the exposure making the photo brighter or darker.

It is better to under expose and image than over expose as it can be difficult to bring back the highlights. Taking multiple images of the same shot means that you have the best chance of capturing at least one perfect image.

If you're wanting to play with colours, tone, text overlays, collages, video editing to take your captures to the next level be sure check out the below apps that we are currently using and loving...


 Don't forget that our homes are a lived in space, this is where our daily lives happen. It is always relatable that they will not be perfect, that being said it doesn't hurt to tidy up and declutter a little.  Don't be scared though to leave that wine glass or your reading glasses lying around. Toys in photos can become future reminders of your child's favourite activity at that time.  These elements add character and a realness that you just can't fake.

We love seeing how you style our pieces that we lovingly design for your homes, so be sure to tag us on socials!




Love Jackie xx